Poem of dead love 

Life, non-life is not death, but a life of no living. One is a corpse of flesh but a censored sheep driven into a grazeyard but eat stones instead of hays. 

A sound mind endures hate but I choose to be hated than hate. For life is living when one is hated or loved.

Even the dead is loved till eternity or hated till time eternal.

Therefore, what is non-life is not death but a life of non-love, for I am living when I love but dead when I don’t love.


2 thoughts on “Poem of dead love 

  1. Good, quite good – you are digging deep, into human life/mebbe death, too – you exercise, a strong command of human, logic – that escapes – so many, of the world’s 9 billion folks.

    Overall, you seem to share in your writings, a tolerance or acceptance, of the human two sexes, woman & man…

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