Unfaithful courtyard (Episode 2)


At the early hours of the day, news reporters from media houses across the nation with their camera men inundated the parking lot of the Maitama highcourt, waiting for the poster child of Nigeria’s organized crime to make his grand entrance.

Almost three hours standing under the sun, anticipating the arrival of the grand master, and sweating profusely from every part of their bodies.  The News reporters retired on their buttocks at mercy of the Court’s pavement. 

At noon, a black van with a deafening siren drove into the parking lot. The News reporters leaped for joy. They darted after the van as it rode even to escape them. 

Heavily armed DSS operatives alighted from the van and ordered the News reporters to retreat but they spurned the order. However, they boisteriously gave way as the DSS operatives flashed their firearms at them.                             

Chief Robinson Udoji A.K.A Robin hood was frantically hurled out of the van like a petty thief by two DSS operatives. He looked more like the caricature of him that appeared on the dallies than the pot-bellied bleached philanthropist that was honored with a prestigious chieftancy title that made society’s pages. 

His hands and legs were cuffed with metal chains, making it almost impossible for him to walk on his own. He held on the shoulder of one of the DSS operative like a life support. He leaped with the aid of the DSS man. One struggled step after another.

With over a million cameras in his face and yelling News reporters pushing microphones in his mouth and almost hauling his remaining body flesh out of his skeleton. Mr. Robinson saw his doom at his front. 

But it was not to be…

He had multiple charges tied over his neck. Felony — mass murder, abductions, extortions, but to mention a few. Mr. Robinson was to breathe his last fresh air after the Judge’s verdict… 

Senior advocate Barrister Obim Macaulay was the plaintiff. He debated his lungs out to ensure Mr. Robinson was convicted but in the end, the charges were dropped. Mr. Robinson walked free and the News reporters came for him like vultures over a debased corpse. 

                    TO BE CONTINUED…


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