Unfaithful courtyard (Episode 1)

This is a work of fiction. Names and events are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to people; dead or alive or past events or works of other authors is merely a coincidence. 

All rights reserved including rights of reproduction in whole or part. 

©Gabriel G Odigiri,2017



Amanda lurched on the white washed prison wall. She took a drag of cigarette and puffed the smokes into the air. She threw it to the floor and squashed it with her left foot as a prison officer walked towards her. He appeared quite roguely in his faded brown uniform with a conspicuous red blotch embroidered on his breast pocket. He grinned at her, putting to display his oiled gaped tooth. Amanda literally threw up in her stomach as he gloated: “Madam lawyer wetin dey?” “Nothing…” She spat and continued: “Is the Warden free to see me now?” He smirked at her without responding and she pushed him out of her way and walked into the prison house…

Amanda paced the Warden’s office; left, right and center. She appeared furious like she intended tearing into shread the languid aged man seated with his hands crossed on his desk. “Calm down Barrister Amanda…” He wheezed. “Don’t tell me to calm down officer. You know my client is the victim, yet you…” Amanda vented. 

“She was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“Let her out of solitary… ” 

“We follow protocol Ma’am…”

“Protocol? We’ve come a long way Sir. I am perturbed you are bringing this up.”

“See barrister, I may be the head here but I am definitely a tail somewhere else…”

“Warden please be considerate. My client has a court proceeding the late part of this week. I need to speak with her… ”

“Please leave my office barrister…”

“Name your price… ”

Amanda sat at the visiting room. She looked contended but not satisfied. A woman was hurled into the room by a prison officer. Amanda swiftly stood like she was about to embrace the woman. “What did I say about the cuffs officer?” Amanda heaved her voice at the prison officer. “I dey follow instructions o barrister… ” the officer squawked. 

“Please uncuff her…” Amanda commanded. The officer reluctantly uncuffed her. They both sat facing each others. Amanda took a moment to access the woman. The woman was about thirty-five years old but appeared like a hagard teenage girl with deep eccentric eyes. She didn’t appear like someone who could hurt a fly.

“How are you doing?” Amanda asked. “I am okay…” the woman replied like she doubted herself. 

“You are not suppose to feel okay.”


“You slice your husband’s penis.”

“I am paying you to get me out…”

“And I feel wicked doing that… ”

“Then quit… ”

“I can’t even if I wanted to. I already signed up for this.”

“Then get me out of this hell hole. Do you know I was almost killed yesterday?”

“You sure have no remorse for what you did to your husband.”

“He was a dog and I was mad and tired of him…”

“Yes you are mad…”


“You are going to show the judge that you are mad.”


“I already made medical reports proving that you are mentally unstable caused by your husband incessant abuse.”

“Is it necessary?”

“Necessary for you to get freed… ”

                               TO BE CONTINUED