Love in the dark (Ep 2)


Mrs Amazon balances her masculine presence on her mighty seat as Ebiere clambers on her own seat, looking pale with anxiety. “Ma, i mean no disrespect,” she utters then regrets it as the great goddess’s eyes dazzle sullenly. “Yes?” Mrs Amazon ask quizzically. 

Ebiere hisses the stale air in her lungs and purrs: “I’ve been under the weather Ma…” “That’s not an excuse for me not to fire you,” Mrs Amazon retorts and Ebiere’s subconscious is instantaneously engulfed in flames. “However we cannot afford another loss,” She shrugs and Ebiere’s heaved breath falls. “Loss?” Ebiere’s voice is mixed with an unnecessary concern. “Titiola left the station,” Mrs Amazon says, passively. “Titiola?” Ebiere ask, her face scouring the impression that the fire incident had caused her amnesia. Yes, Titiola, the Queen of Naija air waves, her subconscious snugs. Yes, same undisputed Queen of british accent with no trace of an itinerary to Europe. Yes, that same Queen. 

So how does this affect me Ma’am? Her subconscious glowers at Mrs Amazon. “You’re very promising Ebiere. Well not as talented as Titiola but you’re the unavoidable replacement,” Mrs Amazon pouts. “I can’t replace her…” Ebiere is unaware when these words leaves her mouth. 

“I thought so too but the others thought otherwise. Well it’s settled. We are paring you with Eva D.”

Eva D? “I am happy with the countdown show Ma.” 

“The fire had forced us to rethink time. No one has much time Ebi. Your time here as elevated you. You deserve the top too…” 

Ebiere is bewildered on whether  to feel complimented or victimized. Eva D isn’t her biggest fan, she is not seeing the show between the two stopping Eva D from wanting to raise hell on her.

“Thank you Ma,” Ebiere purrs finally. 

“Well don’t thank me, you deserve it.”

Ebiere swallows this development with her throat sour with doubt and she’s about leaving when Mrs Amazon’s thundering voice pulls her back to the seat: “Call me Mrs Benson…”


Love in the dark (Episode 1)


Ebiere seethes under the blanket as the alarm blows animatedly. She stretches her hand towards the alarm and turns it off. She lies back on the bed, glancing half blindly at the alarm clock—it reads 6:00 AM and she expresses disgruntled.

She reluctantly pulls out of bed, almost yawning her lungs out. She wears a short satin nighty, revealing her long brown legs. She saunters towards the bathroom’s door and enters. 

She takes off her nighty, revealing her full breasts resting cryptically on her chest. She turns on the shower and it automatically rains on her. 

She scrubs her body with a soapy sponge like she’s about to remove a tough stain. 

Water flows from the shower and washes the soap off her skin. She snatches her towel from the bathroom hanger and dries her body. She loosely ties the towel over her body and saunters out of the bathroom.

She stands in front of the wall mirror and staring back at her is a gaunt brown skinned female with deep eerie eyes and a natural long black hairs. She slowly drops her towel and her full breasts are put to display again. 

She sensually runs her hands over her body with a lotion. Her hands becomes interlaced in between her legs and she feels herself and then starts to moan faintly.

Her phone rings and she hastily pulls up her towel and hurries to the phone. She taps the phone’s screen and speaks into it: “Hello?” A grave silence responds. “Hello…” She repeats. “Hello Ebiere, where are you?” A glowering male voice rises.”I’m at home,” Ebiere responds.

“You’re still at home? Come on Ebi, tell me, do you have another job now?”


“Then are you trying to lose this one?”

“I can’t stop thinking about the fire.”

“We are all traumatized but we have to get works done here.” 



“I will there…”

“Get here soon…” 

The phone line cuts and Ebiere stares regressively at the phone’s screen. She hurries to her bags at the corner of the room and searches impatiently for a clothe to wear. She gets dressed in the fuss and draws a thick line on her lips with a nude lipstick and brown powder on her pimpled face.

She hurriedly exits the room for the streets. She takes a motorcycle to the bustop. Having waited for a couple of minutes with the rising sun in her face, a bus arrives and she boards it to the city and in no time the bus gets lost in the bustling city.

She arrives Raven FM building at exactly 7PM. As she enters the hall way, memories from the fire incident flashes in her mind. She begin to sweat under her skin and feel vulnerable and aghast as she once felt been entrapped in a raving studio.

The  walls and celling have been repainted with sunflower yellow and wine red respectively but her subconscious presents a black celling and dark brown walls to her cringing eyes.

As she moves into the face of the gallery, everything in her front appears to be engulfed in flames. She frightfully takes a step backward and then suddenly feels a weight on her right shoulder. She impulsively turns and standing in her front is a woman not too older than her with an avuncular smile resting effortlessly on her aging face. “You scared me,” Ebiere snaps. “Thank heavens you finally made it to work,” says Chimerin, her avuncular smile still resting beautifully on her face.

“I have not been myself this last weeks.” 

“No one have… But thankfully we’re getting our groove back.”

“Yes, there are changes.”

“A lot. We’ve a new boss now and her face is not pretty at all.”


“Yes ladies?” A deep throaty voice resonates from their behind and the two women turn impulsively to what could be the perfect replica of the historic amazon standing in their front.

“Sorry Ma…” Chimerin snaps while Ebiere stands flabbergasted. “Get to work…” Mrs Amazon’s voice is laced with lighting. The two women turns with their legs about to sprint out of their body. “You,” pointing at Ebiere, “My office now.” Ebiere gives Mrs Amazon a surprised look while her heart did a backslip and she begin to wonder whether she can survive this change.


Love in the dark (Prologue)

This is a work of fiction. Names and events are products of the writer’s imagination. Any resemblance to people, dead or alive  or past events is merely a coincidence.

No part of this series should be reproduced without the consent of the writer.

All rights reserved, including the rights of reproduction.

┬ęGabriel G Odigiri

The wheezing noise of the radio waves fades with the breaking voice of the caller. The blithering alarm from downstairs and the voices of people reverbarating like thunder frightens her, forcing her to hastily pull from her chair. As she raises her legs for a run towards the door,  the lights in the room goes off and she becomes frozen like the lights of her brain had also gone off. She heaves a panic sigh, having delved back to reality and begin to count her steps towards the door. As she walks blindly, she remembers her childhood, how as a little girl; she had been afraid of dark places, how it has even affected her as an adult and how much strength she puts to overcome this—Nyctophobia. As she took another instinctive steps with her heels teethering, she slips and goes flying over the speakers. She hits her head hard on the floor and becomes unconscious. Some minutes later, she wakes with a spliting headache and then staggers to her feet and straddles towards the door again. The light in the room automatically comes on and the microphones pick the sound in the room and it reverberates in the speakers. She begins to feel alive and takes another painstaking steps towards the door. As she reaches the door, it pulls her back and she falls to the floor. Next, she hears is a male’s voice: “Oh! Are you okay?”