Poem from the other side

Do you feel foolish to love?

To love not to be loved.

To give not to be given.

Do you feel pain?

Pain like a sharp knife plunging you.

The sight of blood like crayon.

The taste of hate like kola.

Do you cry yourself to sleep?

Sleepless nights like civil war

Aspirin like bullets in your throat.

Dreams like grotesque images of the dead.

Do you think it’s wise to hate?

To hate all that are to be loved.

To hate to give because you don’t get back.

Do you….



Unfaithful Courtyard (Episode 3)


Amanda’s heart beat pulsated as Tunde drew closer to her. He grabbed her waist and hurled her to himself. “Stop…” She protested but he spurned her protest and planted his lips on her neck. He moved his lips to her chin and then to her left ear lobe and licked it like a child. He literally swallowed her ear, forcing her to quiver uncontrollably.

She began to squirm faintly and he pressed his lips against her munching lips. He kissed her like he intended extracting her breath from her mouth.

She pulled from the French kiss a minute later, gasping for air. He went for her bulging breast after giving her a minute to catch her breath.

He clutched her breast with delight and caressed it with a fiery tenacity. He tried taking off her blouse but she resisted. “Please stop…” She cried. WhyDon‘t you want it?” He talked with a hoarsed voice, probably caused by his extreme lustful desire. 

I feel guilty…” She mumbled. “Why?” He asked with his eyes propped out. 

Your wife…”

What about her?”

I can’t  bear the thoughts of her finding out.”

Who will tell her?”

Don‘t you feel guilty?”

I don‘t. I love you Amanda, that‘s all that matters.”

He moved to kiss her but she resisted again. “How can I face your wife, when I visit her at the hospital?” She asked him quizzically like she wanted a reasonable reply. “Then don‘t go visit her,” He retorted. “You know what? I should just leave now,” She spoke with angst in her voice. He grabbed her right hand as she was about leaving and pleaded: “Don‘t leave please…”

 “I am in love with you Amanda. I can‘t help feeling this way. I know you feel the same way.

Amanda kept mute like she was trying to ascertain if truly she felt same way for him. “You can‘t fight the feeling Amanda,” He said, staring deep into her eyes.  “I am not in love with you Tunde. I still love my husband,” She spoke with a poise that was suppose to reflect sincerity. 

You said I am the only man, who makes you feel like a woman.”

“Yes. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love and cherish my husband.”

“You speak of him with contempt.”

I am mad at him sometimes.”

“Why lie to yourself? You hate that man for God sake…”

“He is the father of my daughter. I don’t want her to go through what I went through in a broken home.”

“Against your happiness?”

“Her happiness matters to me than mine.”

Tunde expressed shocked but he kept his calm and spoke in a mild depressive tone: “I am divorcing my wife.” “No. Please don’t do that to that poor woman,” Amanda begged. 

I don’t love her… “

“Is it because she is ill?”

“No. I never loved her.”

“Then why did you marry her?”

“For all the wrong reasons. For which I regret…”

“She is sick. Think of that Tunde.”

I am done been her slave. And I know you also want to be freed from Ade’s bondage.”

“I can’t be free from Ade… “

Tunde looked at her with a downright bewilderment.