Poem from the other side

Do you feel foolish to love?

To love not to be loved.

To give not to be given.

Do you feel pain?

Pain like a sharp knife plunging you.

The sight of blood like crayon.

The taste of hate like kola.

Do you cry yourself to sleep?

Sleepless nights like civil war

Aspirin like bullets in your throat.

Dreams like grotesque images of the dead.

Do you think it’s wise to hate?

To hate all that are to be loved.

To hate to give because you don’t get back.

Do you….



Unfaithful Courtyard (Episode 4)


Cigratte’s smokes formed a rotund fog in the night sky. The night took the face of a troubled man at the mercy of alcohol, about to drive himself  into a ghostly ditch. 

The night appeared desperate to turn to day even as the stars  in the sky appeared like frozen rain droplets hager to melt down.  

The purview of the night sky could not stop Ade Coker and Obim Macaulay from taking turns to hit rock bottom under a thatch shade in the lustrous and ever raucous Maitama garden. Obim literally swallowed his glass of vodka while Ade grimaced at every sip of the sweetless vodka. 

One forgets how distasteful this is, when he needs to drown his sorrow,” Obim conversed with his glass.  Ade laughed with his chest dancing to the rhythm of his laughter. “You are making me to shed phantom tears.” “What does that mean?” Obim asked, looking unceremoniously angry. 

Take heart, pick up broken pieces and move on.”

“I can’t move on while a criminal moves freely in our land.”

“This is not your fight o, Obim…”

“It is please. Don’t it bother you as an officer of the court that the number of innocent folks in the prison outweighs the guilty? “

“Robinhood is no ordinary criminal o.”

“That’s the problem. When has the law become a respecter of man?”

“Men created the law… “

“To be above man. Remember legal law is an offspring of natural law. Natural law is not a contrivance of man.”

“The system is made and run by men. What is your point anyway?”

“The judge was unjust…”

Ade stared bewilderedly at Obim. “Are you insinuating that Justice Maxwell Amadi accepted bribe from the defendant.” Obim gulped another glass of vodka and belched. “I’m certain. He did not only accepted bribe, he altered the cause of justice.”

“That’s a vile allegation.”

“Come on. Justice Amadi has done enough. His cup is full. I will make sure that first in monday morning, a petition against him is on the top desk of the Nigerian Judicial Council.”

“That’s too hasty, if you ask me. Take time to rethink this over. This may put you in a bad light.”

Obim laughed erratically, “against the law? I’m a senior advocate of the law. Do you think I came so far been a chicken?”

Ade kept mute like he was processing Obim’s last statement in his mind. “You are drunk. Get some sleep.” 

“I am as sober as a bird in the sky,” Obim said dramatically.

Ade remained silent for a couple of seconds before he blurted out: “Why am I having the feeling that this is beyond the count of charges levelled against Chief Robinson?”

Obim gave a short cynical chuckle and spoke endearingly fetish: “I seek justice for the oppressed. For the helpless. For the betrayed. For the dead. For my niece.”

“For your niece?”

“If Chief Robinson  is never convicted for other crimes he committed,i will make sure he is convicted for killing my niece Mary. Even if is the last thing I do on earth…”





Unfaithful Courtyard (Episode 3)


Amanda’s heart beat pulsated as Tunde drew closer to her. He grabbed her waist and hurled her to himself. “Stop…” She protested but he spurned her protest and planted his lips on her neck. He moved his lips to her chin and then to her left ear lobe and licked it like a child. He literally swallowed her ear, forcing her to quiver uncontrollably.

She began to squirm faintly and he pressed his lips against her munching lips. He kissed her like he intended extracting her breath from her mouth.

She pulled from the French kiss a minute later, gasping for air. He went for her bulging breast after giving her a minute to catch her breath.

He clutched her breast with delight and caressed it with a fiery tenacity. He tried taking off her blouse but she resisted. “Please stop…” She cried. WhyDon‘t you want it?” He talked with a hoarsed voice, probably caused by his extreme lustful desire. 

I feel guilty…” She mumbled. “Why?” He asked with his eyes propped out. 

Your wife…”

What about her?”

I can’t  bear the thoughts of her finding out.”

Who will tell her?”

Don‘t you feel guilty?”

I don‘t. I love you Amanda, that‘s all that matters.”

He moved to kiss her but she resisted again. “How can I face your wife, when I visit her at the hospital?” She asked him quizzically like she wanted a reasonable reply. “Then don‘t go visit her,” He retorted. “You know what? I should just leave now,” She spoke with angst in her voice. He grabbed her right hand as she was about leaving and pleaded: “Don‘t leave please…”

 “I am in love with you Amanda. I can‘t help feeling this way. I know you feel the same way.

Amanda kept mute like she was trying to ascertain if truly she felt same way for him. “You can‘t fight the feeling Amanda,” He said, staring deep into her eyes.  “I am not in love with you Tunde. I still love my husband,” She spoke with a poise that was suppose to reflect sincerity. 

You said I am the only man, who makes you feel like a woman.”

“Yes. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love and cherish my husband.”

“You speak of him with contempt.”

I am mad at him sometimes.”

“Why lie to yourself? You hate that man for God sake…”

“He is the father of my daughter. I don’t want her to go through what I went through in a broken home.”

“Against your happiness?”

“Her happiness matters to me than mine.”

Tunde expressed shocked but he kept his calm and spoke in a mild depressive tone: “I am divorcing my wife.” “No. Please don’t do that to that poor woman,” Amanda begged. 

I don’t love her… “

“Is it because she is ill?”

“No. I never loved her.”

“Then why did you marry her?”

“For all the wrong reasons. For which I regret…”

“She is sick. Think of that Tunde.”

I am done been her slave. And I know you also want to be freed from Ade’s bondage.”

“I can’t be free from Ade… “

Tunde looked at her with a downright bewilderment.




Poem of dead loveĀ 

Life, non-life is not death, but a life of no living. One is a corpse of flesh but a censored sheep driven into a grazeyard but eat stones instead of hays. 

A sound mind endures hate but I choose to be hated than hate. For life is living when one is hated or loved.

Even the dead is loved till eternity or hated till time eternal.

Therefore, what is non-life is not death but a life of non-love, for I am living when I love but dead when I don’t love.


Unfaithful courtyard (Episode 2)


At the early hours of the day, news reporters from media houses across the nation with their camera men inundated the parking lot of the Maitama highcourt, waiting for the poster child of Nigeria’s organized crime to make his grand entrance.

Almost three hours standing under the sun, anticipating the arrival of the grand master, and sweating profusely from every part of their bodies.  The News reporters retired on their buttocks at mercy of the Court’s pavement. 

At noon, a black van with a deafening siren drove into the parking lot. The News reporters leaped for joy. They darted after the van as it rode even to escape them. 

Heavily armed DSS operatives alighted from the van and ordered the News reporters to retreat but they spurned the order. However, they boisteriously gave way as the DSS operatives flashed their firearms at them.                             

Chief Robinson Udoji A.K.A Robin hood was frantically hurled out of the van like a petty thief by two DSS operatives. He looked more like the caricature of him that appeared on the dallies than the pot-bellied bleached philanthropist that was honored with a prestigious chieftancy title that made society’s pages. 

His hands and legs were cuffed with metal chains, making it almost impossible for him to walk on his own. He held on the shoulder of one of the DSS operative like a life support. He leaped with the aid of the DSS man. One struggled step after another.

With over a million cameras in his face and yelling News reporters pushing microphones in his mouth and almost hauling his remaining body flesh out of his skeleton. Mr. Robinson saw his doom at his front. 

But it was not to be…

He had multiple charges tied over his neck. Felony — mass murder, abductions, extortions, but to mention a few. Mr. Robinson was to breathe his last fresh air after the Judge’s verdict… 

Senior advocate Barrister Obim Macaulay was the plaintiff. He debated his lungs out to ensure Mr. Robinson was convicted but in the end, the charges were dropped. Mr. Robinson walked free and the News reporters came for him like vultures over a debased corpse. 

                    TO BE CONTINUED…